A kid, a kind of bratty kid named Shawn, had a dream that the world was going to end on Wednesday the eleventh. He had the dream on Tuesday the tenth, so he was kind of bothered by it. Mostly bothered because the stupid dream seemed so real. He woke right up and thought about calling his mom, but didn’t want to look like a wimp. His dad would call him a wimp for sure. So he laid in bed and tried to forget the dream. Mom said they always fade but this wouldn’t. His dream of a giant mechanical monster that was born out of the Moon would not fade. The dream that the Moon was actually an egg, ready to hatch the beast who would destroy the world would not go away.

So Shawn, who wasn’t as bratty now that he thought the world was going to end, went out to get some Fruity Pebbles. He rubbed the little crusty things out of his eyes and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw his mom and dad talking to an eight foot tall female gargoyle, sipping coffee out of his mom’s Disney World mug.


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