“MOM!” Shawn yelled. “What’s she doing here!?” Shawn couldn’t believe that Madeleine Dawes was in his kitchen. Drinking out of his mothers favorite mug.

“Now Shawn, honey, Madeleine is new in the neighborhood and is looking for a little extra cash for the summer.” Shawn mother continued. “And your father and I haven’t been on a date night since “The Ham Burglar Incident!”

Gah! Shawn thought. The dreaded Ham Burglar Incident. That fateful night when a giant piece of ham ran amok in his neighborhood and only he could stop the rampage. He considered it one of his greatest accomplishments. Mom and especially dad didn’t see it that way. Shawn lowered his head, remembering that he wasn’t able to sit down for a week after dad finished with him.

Back to Madeleine Dawes. She moved in a few weeks back. Right away he knew something was off about her, he was never wrong about these sorta things. Then one night while walking Butch, his pet lizard, he saw her, not what everyone else saw her as, cute twenty-something girl, but as a disgusting gargoyle.


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