Yep. You heard her right. The moon cracking in half, releasing a world destroying mechaziod. Would be all my fault. I guess, I should have mentioned that, but it seemed trivial. You know what, why don’t we introduce another key character to our story. While I figure out how I’m going to get out of this mess.

Bobby’s class went wild as the speaker over the intercom announced that B.B. Burkland would win it’s third straight state championship. Thanks in no small part to Bobby Gail or as the kids on the wrestling team liked to call him Gail Winds. You see, Bobby at key moments during a match had a nasty habit of farting. Not just any type of fart, no these farts could clear a gymnasium. It was an embarrassing nickname, and an even worst habit, but it meant that his school would once again be state champions and he would be undefeated for the third straight year. As you know winning had it’s perks, one such perk was Wendy Wendy. The prettiest damn girl with two first names in the 11th grade and sadly she didn’t even know Bobby existed.



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