Artifacts Follow-up? No, sorry. . .


Richard Evans - Raven Heisenberg

I am completely unmotivated to make comics. I apologize Claudia Balboni,Rob Doria and Anthony Hary. I was really excited when Artifacts came out that I could take a shot at making comics but I simply don’t have the confidence anymore in the industry or my luck.

To those wondering why, when all three artists are fantastic creators, here is why: I can’t afford to pay them a page rate and I don’t have the confidence in my ability to come up with a pitch that publishers will like. I am certain that I could make great stories, but no one is going to cover the cost and I cannot do it myself. I no longer have it in me to wrangle and seduce such high caliber artists when I no that even if the submission gets made, it might never get published.

I just can’t take…

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