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The Rough Truth To Making Comics

Without Fear

Making comics in the early days is hard. You put in all this sweat and time and effort and then people don’t care, on the majority of things. You want to make a ripple but sometimes it feels like you threw a feather and it blew away on the wind and never touched the water.

It’s a pretty brutal octagon to enter and you have to be doing it for the heart of it and reading a recent paragraph from Tim Callahan in his WHEN WORDS COLLIDE exit interview (conducted by Chad Nevett) brought it all home to me. We are foolish, stubborn, insane, and delusional but we’d have it no other way. See what Tim says here about breaking into/making comics:

I’d go back to the creative stuff once in a while and try to fire up some old projects or connect with other folks to collaborate with —…

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