Wendy Wendy knew for sure that Bobby existed. She knew damned well who he was. She also knew Shawn and was there for one reason. Shawn was going to bring the apocalypse, the beast in the moon egg. Bobby was going to feed it and make it strong.

Wendy Wendy was a construct, sort of a wifi pump that sent fuel to the beast so it would be ready when it woke up. The beast was about to rise. Shawn had been slowly waking it up for years and tomorrow was the day, but it had to be ready. They found Bobby easy enough. From two galaxies away they saw his gas signature and created Wendy Wendy. She would be close to him at all times. She would take in the energy from his special farts and convert it to the energy the beast needed to hatch.

And Bobby didn’t let anyone down. He could not stop farting. Wendy Wendy smiled every time she smelled his embarrassment. She grinned her evil robot grin every time she walked by a room and heard other children gagging.

The beast would be ready. The beast would be fart powered.

After years of waiting for Shawn and the beast to merge on the thought-plain, years of their connection to mature, years of waiting for the beast to hatch, the end was finally here.


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